Introducing The Wakefield Futures Group

The Wakefield Futures Group consists of ten prominent Australians, mostly scientists, deeply concerned that Australia as a society and an economy has failed to set goals and implement policies that will lead to a future that is environmentally sustainable and desirable, as well as socially just.

Through this web site and other commentary the group will make a contribution to public discourse on sustainability that is based on scientific evidence and objective analysis, and is free of the bias, ignorance, ideology and vested interest that has so far rendered so much of the discussion and policy making on sustainability ineffectual and irrelevant.

Why Wakefield?

The name Wakefield reflects the group's base in South Australia where the ideas of social pioneer Edwin Gibbon Wakefield underpinned a radically new approach to funding the establishment of a free and tolerant society. This began a tradition of social innovation that has repeatedly resurfaced in SA over the last 180 years, from giving women the vote in the 1890s to the social reforms of the Dunstan government in the 1960s and 70s.


Associate Members